RS 3400 X-ray Blood Irradiator

Self-shielded X-ray Irradiator that reduces the risk of Transfusion Associated Graft versus Host Disease using our patented QUASTAR® X-ray Tube Technology

RS 3400 X-ray Blood Irradiator


High Reliability 99% Uptime

The RS 3400 Blood Irradiator is a medical device (FDA 510(k)), which uses X-Ray irradiation to irradiate blood and blood products packaged in transfusion bags when irradiation for Graft Versus Host Disease (GVHD) is indicated. It uses a single X-Ray Source and rotates individual Canisters around this X-Ray Source for a specific period of time so that irradiation is delivered to the contents in the canisters. The RS 3400 Blood Irradiator utilizes proprietary, patented technology. (Patents 7,346,147, 7,515,686, and other patents pending).

This Irradiator is a direct replace for Cesium irradiators and has no security requirements. The unique design of the rotator allows 6 blood product canisters to circulate around the X-ray Source during a single Cycle. The RS 3400 Blood Irradiator with its self-contained cooling system and wheels for easy transportation, this machine is ergonomic and easy to use and maintain. Whole blood, Platelets, and loaded Syringes can conveniently be irradiated in the same Cycle.”

RS 3400 Blood Irradiator



  • Height 75 in. (191 cm)
  • Width 47 in. (120 cm)
  • Depth 34 in. (86 cm)


  • 2,450 lbs (1,111 kg)

Electrical Requirements

  • 208-240VAC, 50/60 Hz, single phase, 30 amp (L1, L2, GND)

Cooling System

  • Self-Contained/onboard cooling system. NO external water connection required.

Coolant Type

  • Clean, Filtered/Distilled Water

Coolant Volume

  • 10 Gallons

Number of Canisters

  • 6 Canisters

Canister Volume

  • ~ 1 liter

Thermal Output (during operation)

  • 86 Btu per minute

Noise Level

  • ~ 73 dB

Cycle Time

  • Less than 5 minutes

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RS 3400


  1. ~25 Gy Central Dose
  2. 1 to 6 canisters in less than 5 minutes
  3. Reliable
  4. No security requirements
  5. Self-contained
  6. Safe
  7. Easy to Use
  8. No Nuclear Materials
  9. Ergonomic
  10. Mounted on wheels for easy installation
  11. US FDA 510(k) Cleared
  12. CE Mark/ISO 13485:2003
RS 3400 X-ray Blood Irradiator. Best Blood Irradiator on the market in 2016. Rad Source has designed a Blood Irradiator the is SAFE since day one!

Clients that use our Blood Irradiator

  • American Red Cross – Ft. Wayne, IN / Oakland, CA / Pomona, CA / St. Louis, MO
  • Arkansas Blood Institute, Little Rock, AR
  • Avera McKennan Hosp. San Diego, CA
  • Cancer Treatment Centers of America (Eastern Regional Med Ctr) – Philadelphia, PA
  • Children’s Hospital of Alabama
  • Community Blood Center of Greater Kansas City
  • Gradalis – Dallas, TX
  • Institute for Transfusion Medicine at Univ. of Ill – Chicago, IL
  • King Abdullah Specialist Children Hospital – KASCH
  • LifeStream – San Bernardino, CA
  • Memorial Blood Centers – Duluth, MN
  • Memorial Hospital of Hollywood, FL
  • Midland Memorial Hospital
  • NorthShore Health Systems
  • OneBlood, Orlando FL
  • Oregon Health & Science University – Portland, OR
  • Phoenix Children’s AZ
  • Pinnacle Health System
  • Riyadh Regional Lab, Ministry of Health, Riyadh
  • Security Force Hospital, Riyadh
  • St. Thomas Health System, TN
  • Suncoast Blood Bank
  • UCSD Hillcrest
  • UCSF, CA