Cell Research Irradiator

The new RS 1800 Q  is a dedicated cell irradiator that excels in achieving cell arrestment for immunology and oncology research.

The RS 1800 Biological Research Irradiator

The excellent irradiator for the irradiation of cells. This unit, in use throughout the world, uses the same technology as the Rad Source RS 3000 blood irradiator which is considered by the FDA to be “Substantially equivalent” to Cesium-137 gamma irradiators.

RS 1800 Q


  • Width 26” (67 cm)
  • Height 67” (171 cm)
  • Depth 28” (72 cm)
  • Weight 1,100 lbs (499 kg)
  • Operates at 160 kV and 12.5 mA (2,000 watts)

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RS 1800 Q


  1. “Plug and Play” Installation
  2. Unit is mounted on caster wheels for easy movement
  3. Self-contained cooling
  4. Easy access to built-in calibration port
  5. Easy to use touch screen operation
  6. CE Marked & Compliant
  7. Renewable Ionizing Radiation
  8. No NRC License Required
  9. No shielded or secure room required
  10. No disposal costs
  11. Meets all radiation safety requirements specified in Federal Regulation 21 CFR 1020.4


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