Got Mold? | Check Out The RS 420!

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RS 420 Cannabis Irradiator 

Rad Source has developed the RS 420 irradiator for the cannabis idustry. Our RS 420 cannabis irradiator eleminates mold, harmful insects and much more! We are the innovators of modern irradiator technology that is safe to use. Our Quastar technology uses X-ray’s to ensure that your product is irradiated safely and efficiently.


On-site processing capability integrates into existing process


Reduce/eliminate product loss


Improve product quality by mitigating potential health risks


Treats for yeast, mold and other pathogens


RAD SOURCE has twenty years’ experience of delivering irradiator solutions for a variety of applications. Treats for yeast, mold and other pathogens We’ve been developing and producing safe, proprietary on-site irradiators for research and medical users since 1999. Now we offer our proprietary Quastar™ X-ray product to the cannabis industry for everyday processing or converting quarantined product to safe, useable product.

The Rad Source Cannabis Treatment Reduces Waste!

New rules and requirements are popping up daily and you’re just trying to keep pace, while contending with increased competition.  You already have plenty of concerns already without the constant threat of mold and pathogens that attack your harvest and make it unviable.  The process used in the RS 420 is endorsed by the FDA, USDA, and World Health Organization, among others and used by food and medical companies around the world as a method to battle pests that can make products dangerous to consumers.  Eliminating or reducing the viability of mold and bacteria can convert your Cannabis from a possible danger, unqualified for commerce, to a safe, effective, useable product qualified for distribution.  Our process is a proven, clean, simple, terminal treatment that can eliminate the dread of destroying or quarantining fully grown, cleaned and dried product in which you invested time, money and effort.


+ ON-SITE X-ray irradiation system (bioburden reduction)

+Features patented Quastar™ X-ray technology


  • Total aerobic plate count (cfu/g)
  • Total yeast & mold (cfu/g)
  • Entero (cfu/g)
  • Coliform (cfu/g)

+Process ~2.5 lbs. of product in 1-2 hours

+Other high output configurations available

+US 208-240 VAC, 3-phase, 40 Amps