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Introducing… The Newly Redesigned RS 3400

The world’s premier blood irradiator just raised the bar on

dose uniformity, productivity and throughput.

Superior Throughput, Dose Uniformity & Simplicity of Ownership

We pioneered the first-ever FDA-approved blood x-ray irradiation medical device used to prevent the highly fatal transfusion-associated graft-versus-host disease (TA-GVHD) in blood transfusion recipients.

Industry standard for whole body small animal irradiation

Our patented x-ray irradiation technology is validated and widely used to configure the immune systems of laboratory animals so they can be used in both cancer research and research on the immune system.

Highest dose rate in the industry for a dedicated cell irradiator

Cancer researchers utilize our patented x-ray irradiation technology to assess the effects of radiation on different types of cancer cells in laboratory experiments, enabling them to more accurately predict the outcomes of radiation therapy in cancer patients.

Safely Inactivate DNA in virulent bacteria or virus samples before handling or final disposition.

The development of vaccines to prevent viral infections is made possible with our patented x-ray irradiation technology, which inactivates viruses by selectively damaging their genetic material.

Peace-of-Mind Cannabis Testing™

Our patented Quastar™ photonic decontamination technology has more flower penetrating power to clean more efficiently than any other technology available. Our cold process maintains flower integrity with nominal to no effect on cannabinoids, THC/CBD, terpenes and moisture.

Family Planning for Insects ™

Our patented x-ray irradiation technology is scientifically proven to deplete harmful pests to prevent disease, restore prosperity to the agricultural industry, and improve the health and well-being of the human population.

The Archaic X-Ray Imaging Tube

Modern Day X-Ray – Stuck in the Past

What if in more than 125 years, x-ray technology had not improved?  X-ray tube technology used today was developed in 1895 and has since been used mainly for dental and bone imaging applications to allow medical practitioners to view internal structures of the human body without needing to perform invasive surgery. 

While there have been tremendous advances in medicine and life sciences, such as in MRI technology and cancer detection, little has been done to evolve x-ray technology addressing improved processing speeds and expansion into biological sciences applications. 

While still acceptable for imaging applications, the old technology is not as effective as Quastar® for life sciences applications.​   

the x-ray reinvented™

Enabling the Transition​

Quastar®, the world’s most advanced and reliable x-ray emitter technology, was patented by Rad Source to revolutionize the x-ray market for biological sciences applications. Quastar technology is a through-transmission x-ray emitter that produces a larger, stronger, and higher-energy photon field with improved uniformity. This provides higher treatment consistency, faster processing times, and fewer undesired consequences on targets (e.g., sun burns).

Quastar is the leader in pioneering x-ray technology used in cannabis remediation and sterile insect technique (SIT). Quastar® is the premiere x-ray technology used for blood irradiation, and its use is rapidly expanding into the cell irradiation.

Our mission is to become the world leader in creating x-ray technologies and solutions that enable our customers to improve the world through life science.

Pioneering the Way in Non-Nuclear Irradiation

Rad Source is a global life science leader developing proprietary x-ray technologies. We provide safe,
proven and reliable x-ray solutions that help address humanity’s most challenging issues.