The RS 3400 Blood Irradiator


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Blood transfusion is a lifesaving procedure for people who are bleeding and people who cannot make a sufficient amount of blood on their own. A rare but almost always fatal complication from blood transfusion is called transfusion-associated graft-versus-host disease (TA-GVHD), where immune cells from the donor blood attack the recipient’s organs and cause a deadly infection that is nearly impossible to fight off.


Over 20 years ago, we pioneered the first-ever FDA-approved blood x-ray irradiation medical device used to prevent TA-GVHD, and we have maintained our status as the industry leader and gold-standard in blood irradiation technology and instrumentation ever since. Our patented x-ray irradiation technology effectively and routinely inactivates the immune cells in donor blood, which diminishes the risk of developing TA-GVHD for the transfusion recipient.


Highest Throughput Available

Up to 6L capacity in 5 minutes with multiple product flexibility in same cycle – whole blood, platelets and loaded syringes.

One Day Plug & Play Installation

No water or drain connection to the facility is needed, providing improved workflow efficiency with flexible unit placement. and saving costs.

Direct Replacement for Gamma Irradiator

U.S. Government recognized safe, direct alternative – for radioactive isotope (gamma) source irradiators.

 *RS 3400 is US-FDA cleared and CE marked.


Features & Benefits

High X-Ray Output - High Throughput

Produces a high x-ray output and has a large field, providing advantageous configurations for high throughput and dose rate.

Larger Field - Better Uniformity

No need to collimate the beam, and due to the larger field a better uniformity can be achieved compared to imaging tube x-ray technology.

Beam Hardness - Built in Filtration

Quastar has filtration built into the design of the x-ray emitter – designed to attenuate weaker non-penetrating x-rays. 

Power Efficiency – Increased Life Span

The Quastar emitter runs at less than maximum power which increases lifetime up to 10 years – up to 3X longer than the standard imaging x-ray tube x-ray.

Repairable Energy Source - Low Cost of Ownership

· Engineered to be repairable, lowers overall cost of ownership.
· Standard imaging tube x-ray sources require full replacement.

No Radioactive Source – Direct Replacement for Gamma

· Meets safety requirements – CDRH 21 CFR Chapter 1 Subchapter J
· No Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) License required.
· No disposal requirements for nuclear.
· No additional cost for security compliance.
· No additional cost for safety related to nuclear source.

Patented Carousel Technology – Unmatched Uniformity

· Proprietary technology stabilizes the loaded canisters around the x-ray
  source to provide unmatched dose uniformity.
· Holds combination of (1) to (6) blood product bags or syringes.

One Day Plug & Play Installation

Self-contained, onboard cooling, no water or drain connection to the
facility is needed, providing improved workflow efficiency through flexible
unit placement.

Instrument Portability

Mounted on sturdy castor wheels for convenient portability improving product workflow efficiency.

Self-Contained Cabinet

All Rad Source irradiators are manufactured as cabinet x-ray devices and conform to the irradiation safety guidelines in US CFR 21 1020.40

RS 3400 shown above with optional tablet.

Smallest Blood Irradiator Footprint Available

With a footprint of 34 x 36, the RS 3400 provides better
placement options for better product workflow efficiency.

Human Interface

External Bar code scanning option available

Proven Reliability

Since 1994, more than 500 irradiator installs in renowned
hospitals, universities, pharma, government and life science institutions
worldwide, Rad Source has provided the world’s leading healthcare
providers with reliable products and trusted services.

  • US-FDA cleared, CE marked, and CB Scheme certified.

Physical Dimensions

29.94” x 32.81 x 67.75″ | 76.05 x 83.35 x 172.08 cm

16.69 x 16.57 x 11.13″ | 42.39 x 42.09 x 28.27 cm

38 x 40 x 75″ | 96.52 x 101.60 x 190.5 cm

1900 lbs. | 861.8 kg


  • Power: 208/240VAC, Single phase, 50/60Hz, 30 Amp, true earth ground
  • Instrument Wiring: 10 AWG L1, L2/N

Irradiation Guidelines


15 Gy min/ 25 Gy centra l/5O/Gy max (USA (FDA)

25 Gy min./ 50 Gy max dose rate: 25 Gy/min.
Dose rate: 5.5-6.5 Gy/min


Optional Supplies & Accessories
Installation & Warranty
  • 12 Months Full Warranty: Includes Installation, Training, Initial Dose Map, Radiation Survey, 2nd Dose Map and all parts, labor & travel.
  • Extended warranty program available for purchase.
Safety & Quality

All Rad Source irradiators receive a quality inspection, dose map, and radiation survey prior to shipment and again at installation.

All Rad Source irradiators are manufactured as cabinet x-ray devices and conform to the radiation safety guidelines in US CFR

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