The 420 Series of Cannabis Decontaminators

Pass State Mandated Testing Levels with 99.9% Confidence.

Rad Source in Action

Our patented photonic decontamination™
technology is the only remediation solution  that penetrates the entire flower for cannabis decontamination without destroying the flower or chemically modifying it.


Cannabis products provide benefit to both patients who require medical cannabis for treatment and recreational cannabis users. In both circumstances, cannabis harvesting and processing are regulated by strict quality regulations to ensure the final product poses does not risk the health of consumers. Harmful mold and bacteria are sources of cannabis contamination that need to be eliminated before it can be sold in dispensaries.

While other methods to decontaminate cannabis can lead to incomplete inactivation of mold and bacteria and regrowth of them in the final product, our patented x-ray decontamination technology kills these contaminants immediately, preventing them from multiplying later on and reaching a level that is a health hazard to consumers.

Peace-of-Mind Cannabis Testing™

Rest Assured, Test Assured

Quastar® technology provides a 99.9% confidence level in the remediation of mold, mildew, aspergillus and other challenging microbials.

Flower Integrity Maintained

Photonic decontamination is a cold process which results in nominal to zero effect on cannabinoids, THC/CBD, terpenes and moisture.

Highest Flower Penetration

Only Quastar has the power to penetrate the whole flower destroying all the microbials that grow both inside and on the surface of the compacted flower.

Features & Benefits

Patented Quastar® Photonic Decontamination™ Technology   

Superior High Quality Photons – Highest Flower Penetration

Produces efficient short light wavelengths that assure 99.9% remediation efficiency rate at surface level and the power to penetrate the tightly packed flower and destroy challenging microbials at their DNA level preventing reproduction.

Repairable Light Source Design - Low Cost of Ownership

The Quastar energy source is engineered to be repairable and last up to 10 year and 3X the standard imaging tube energy sources which require a full replacement upon breakage.

Designed for Life Science, Natural Fit for Cannabis

Quastar is designed to perform best for life science applications.  For the cannabis market, the its specifically designed to totally destroy microbials at their DNA levels.  ability to destroy microbials 

Superior Flower Integrity through Cold Processing

Photonic decontamination™ will not heat the flower. Unlike chemical and low energy remediation processes which cause premature decarboxylation of THC A.

Chemical and Residual Free Technology

Photonic decontamination penetrates the flower with light and will not saturate the surface layers of a flower with disinfectants or other potentially toxic chemicals and potential residuals.

Helps Prevent Risk of Secret Shopper

The risk of microbial re-growth & re-introduction (cross-contamination) is a lurking issue that is often is overlooked, yet can destroy your profits even after passing a state mandated test. Microbials grow inside the flower and on the surface.

Hassle-free Onsite Processing

Integrates into existing process – no cost associated with outside decontamination facilities. (logistical, insurance, chain-of-custody, shipping and more.

Naturally Safe, Clean and Green

Uses efficient short wavelength electromagnetic energy (light) which is safe, clean, and green as nature intended.

Patented Carousel Circulation Technology

Proprietary technology stabilizes the loaded cannabis canisters around the light source to provide unmatched dose uniformity and decontamination.

Instrument Portability

Models 420 M and 420 Q are mounted on sturdy castor wheels for convenient portability and placement improving product workflow efficiency.

Proven Reliability – Earned Trust

For over 20 years and with more than 500 instrument installs in renowned hospitals, universities, government, research and life science institutions worldwide, Rad Source has provided the globe’s leading companies providers with reliable technology solutions and services.

Physical Dimensions

Equipment Dimensions: 

420 M:  30.0 x 36.0 x 64.0″ (76.2 x 91.44 x 162.6 cm)

420 Q:  46.0 x 36.0 x 74.0″ (116.8 x 91.4 x 188.0 cm)

420 XL: 72.0 x 47.6 x 76.4” (182.9 x 121.1 x 194.2 cm)

Internal Chamber Dimensions: 

420 M:  11.0 x 14.0” x 13.3″ (27.9 x 35.6 x 33.7 cm)

420 Q22.5 x 25 x 10.3″ (57.2 x 63.5 x 26.1 cm)

420 XL: 34.5 x 29.7 34.5″ (87.8 x 75.4 x 87.8 cm)

Clearance Dimensions: 

420 M: 38 x 40 x 75“ (96.52 x 101.60 x 190.5 cm)

420 Q: 52 x 42 x 80“ (132.08 x 106.68 x 203.20 cm)

420 XL: 78 x 53 x 83“ (98.12 x 134.62 x 210.82 cm)

Equipment Weight: 

420 M:   1350 lbs. (612.35 kg)

420 Q:    2450 lbs. (1111.30 kg)

420 XL:  6,300 lbs. (2858 kg)

Irradiation Guidelines

Power (W)

420 M:   4000W

420 Q:   4000W 

420 XL:  8000W

Dose Rate (Gy/min)

420 M: ~12 Gy/min for product density of 0.10 g/ml

420 Q:  Dose Rate: 6 Gy/min

420 XL:  Dose Rate: 4.3 Gy/min 

Dose Uniformity Ratio (DUR): 

420 M: Uniformity Ratio (DUR): 3 – 3.5

420 Q: Uniformity Ratio (DUR): 1.8

420 XL: Uniformity Ratio (DUR) – 1.6

Processing Volume

420 M: ~ 1-2 lbs. / 3 hr. /cycle (based on product density & 2000 Gy dose) 

420 Q: Up to 5 lbs. / 3 hr. /cycle (based on product density & 2000 Gy dose)

420 XL: Up to 50 lbs. / 5-7 hr. /cycle (based on product density & 2000 Gy dose)

Installation & Warranty


  • For the Installation, the unit will arrive at your facility in the morning and will be met by our install team.
  • All irradiators receive a quality inspection, dose map, and radiation survey prior to shipment and again at installation.
  • On-site Training Included at installation 

Water Requirements:

  • 3 gallons of distilled water for the irradiator’s internal water tank.

Cooling Requirements:

  • Not Required


  • 12 Months Full Warranty: Includes Installation, Training, Initial Dose Map, Radiation Survey, 2nd Dose Map and all parts, labor & travel.
  • Extended warranty program available for purchase.
Safety & Quality

All irradiators receive a quality inspection, dose map, and radiation survey prior to shipment and again at installation.

All irradiators are manufactured as cabinet x-ray devices and conform to the radiation safety guidelines in US CFR 1020.40

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