Effect of X Rays on Virus Production and DNA Synthesis in Adenovirus-Infected Cells


The effect of X rays on the process of type 10 adenovirus infection in HeLa cells was tested. CPE development and virus infections titer were lower in the irradiated cells, while CF titer remained unchanged. The rate of DNA synthesis, as measured by 3H-thymidine incorporation, was higher in the infected cells and radiosensitivity of the process was higher in the infected cells compared with uninfected controls.

T MajleR SemkowB Gorzkowski

Inactivation of RNA Viruses by Gamma Irradiation: A Study on Mitigating Factors


Keywords: gamma irradiation, virus inactivation, biosafety, BSL-4, vesicular stomatitis virus, measles virus, La Crosse virus, Ebola virus