The RS 2000 Small Animal Irradiator


Rad Source in Action

Our patented x-ray irradiation technology is validated and widely used to configure the immune systems of laboratory animals so they can be used in both cancer research and research on the immune system.

Cancer and immunology researchers often use laboratory animals with a modified immune system as a preliminary way to study the behavior of human cancer cells and tumors, the potential for success of new cancer therapies, the effects of stem cell and bone marrow transplantation, and immune system function in response to disease before they are tested in humans.

To prepare these laboratory animals for these human-simulated experiments, their original immune system needs to be either weakened or completely destroyed and then reconstructed with human immune cells.

This is achieved through the application of ionizing radiation, and our patented x-ray irradiation technology is the gold-standard for this application.



Designed for Life Science Applications

Rad Source irradiators are designed for science providing the scientist with the research tools and flexibility for many advantageous configurations for high dose uniformity and dose rates.

RADPlus™ Research Tools

Patented RADPlus research tools are engineered to reduce stress on the animal while ensuring beam uniformity of 95% or higher and will not cause skin burns to the animal. Small animals are free to roam their cages for a less stressful environment.

Unmatched and Proven Quality Service & Support

With more than 800 irradiator installs in renowned hospitals, universities, pharma, government and life science institutions worldwide, Rad Source is a proven and reliable x-ray manufacturer with unmatched and trusted services.

*CE marked


Features & Benefits

X-Ray Designed for Life Science™

Multi-level Chamber Exposure System

  • Exposure chamber incorporates a five level height adjusting tray allowing for flexible specimen placement.
  • The concentric circles correspond to the size of the radiation field at a corresponding height.
  • Irradiate small animals in their cages reducing cross-contamination and providing a less stressful environment.

Exposure Chamber Guides

  • (5) height levels for tray positioning (1 to 5)
  • (6) Circles guides for sample placement of specimen target.

No Radioactive Source – No Ongoing Regulatory Hassles

  • Meets all safety requirements specified in Fed. Reg. 21 CFR 1020.40.
  • No Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) License required.
  • No nuclear disposal requirements.
  • No additional security requirements for nuclear equipment.
  • No additional safety equipment for laboratory staff.

Direct Replacement for Nuclear Source Irradiators

Considered by the FDA to be “substantially equivalent” to Cesium-137 gamma irradiators for the irradiation of blood and blood products.

Onboard Cooling System

No external water connection or drain hook-up is needed which allows
for convenient placement of instrument for increase work flow efficiency.

Instrument Portability

Mounted on sturdy castor wheels for convenient portability for flexible
placement improving sample workflow efficiency

One Day Plug & Play Installation

No water or drain connection to the facility is needed, providing improved workflow efficiency with flexible unit placement. and saving costs.

Proven Reliability

  • For over 20 years and greater than 500 irradiator installs in renowned hospitals, universities, pharma, government and life science institutions worldwide, Rad Source has provided the world’s leading healthcare
    providers with reliable products and trusted services.

CIRP - The U.S. Cesium Irradiator Replacement Project

  • The Department of Energy has spearheaded the CIRP (Cesium Irradiator Replacement Program) which is a subsidizing initiative created to replace gamma isotope-source (cesium-137 based) irradiators in the US.

    Qualified sites will receive:

  • Removal and disposal of the cesium-137 irradiator, saving the site approximately $100–$200k per irradiator. 

  • A limited payment of up to 50% of the purchase price toward a purchase of the new x-ray replacement device.

Physical Dimensions

42” x 35 x 72″ | 106.6 x 88.9 x 182.8 cm

48 x 39 x 78″ | 121.9 x 99.1 x 198.1 cm

1450 lbs. | 657.7 kg


  • Power: 208/240VAC, 1-phase, 50/60Hz, 30A, True Earth Ground
  • Instrument Wiring: 10 AWG L1, L2/N

Irradiation Guidelines



Dose rates for Research Tools

RADPlus Shelf:  1.5 Gy/min.  |  Flatness: 80%
RADPlus Rectangle:  1.0 Gy/min.  |  Flatness: 95%
RADPlus Round:  1.3 Gy/min.  |  Flatness: 95%
RADPlus Petri Dish:  2.0 Gy/min.  |  Flatness: 95%

Dose rates for cells
        Filtered:  5 – 10 Gy/min.
        Unfiltered:  Up to >17 Gy/min.

Dose rates for Small Animals w/ RADPlus
        ~1.2 Gy/min (120 rads/min or same as gamma)

w/ RADPlus: 95% and up

Research Tools & Accessories


  • For the Installation, the unit will arrive at your facility in the morning and will be met by our install team.
  • All irradiators receive a quality inspection, dose map, and radiation survey prior to shipment and again at installation.
  • On-site Training Included at installation 

Water Requirements:

  • 3 gallons of distilled water for the irradiator’s internal water tank.

Cooling Requirements:

  • Not Required


  •  12 months full warranty:   Including: Installation, Training, Initial Dose Map, Radiation Survey, 2nd Dose Map and all parts, labor & travel.
  •  Extended Warranty Program Available.
Safety & Quality
  • All Rad Source irradiators receive a quality inspection, dose map, and radiation survey prior to shipment and again at installation.
  • All Rad Source irradiators are manufactured as cabinet X-ray devices and conform to the radiation safety guidelines in US CFR 1020.40 for safe use.
  • All Rad Source irradiators are manufactured as cabinet X-Ray devices and conform to the radiation   safety guidelines in US CDFR 21 Chapter 1, Subchapter J.
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