Viral Inactivation Irradiator

Custom built applications designed to keep samples frozen while delivering doses between 70 to 120 Gy per minute.

The RS 5000 is our Very High Dose Rate, Small Volume x-ray irradiator that utilizes QuaStar® technology to achieve dose rates up to 120 Gy/min to a 500mL canister (@ density 1) with our standard configuration. Additional emitters can be added. The RS 5000 is custom built for each application and we welcome your inquiries. The RS 5000 can be used for onsite terminal sterilization of small lots depending on density and product size. Minimum/maximum ratios can be held very close to one. While individual product validation is required, typical cycles would be less than 3.5 hours. Can be used for inactivation of virulent bacteria or virus samples before handling or final disposition.

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Characterization and dosimetry of a practical X-ray alternative to self-shielded gamma irradiators